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Dinner with No Voters or “What I wanted to say before the Pudding hit the fan”

Worth reading whichever way you intend to vote…


Thoughts from the original village idiots…

Well , true to form, I’ve just spent 20 minutes trying to download my village idiot photo & cannot find where it is on my laptop… sorry, peeps, no photie today ( :

I’m drying my hair with a beanie hat on – so I’m told I’ve got “the look” for my new pseudonym. The big issue is not what I look like from the outside but what I look like from within. The times I have really flunked throughout my life have a common denominator – I worry about how I am being perceived. When I stop worrying about how I’m doing, things are just fine. Self-reflecting is a good thing. Self-annihilation is not! Regardless of our gender, sexuality, colour, race etc the Big Man loves us all equally.. I’m not trying to endorse the statement “if I was chocolate I’d eat myself”, rather have the confidence that you were gifted with at birth.

When Buddha was about to enter Nirvana he was sad because he did not feel his work was completed as man had not learnt to live in goodness and peace; he shed two tears of compassion – these became two lakes in Kashmir & out of the lakes arose a lotus & out of the lotus sprang twin God & Goddess of mercy.

So go on, give yourselves a break & receive the mercy that abounds; God loves each & everyone one of usĀ  (believe or not..).

The original village idiot wishes y’all a great day ( :